Greenpeace Sues Russia

This might be a bit optimistic:

Greenpeace is taking Russia to court over the arrest of 30 activists in the Arctic and is demanding compensation for their trouble, reports said.

Amsterdam-based Greenpeace said on Monday it filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, to seek compensation and confirmation that the arrest was illegal.

“We think the Arctic 30 were apprehended and detained in flagrant violation of applicable international and Russian laws, and that’s why we have submitted a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights,”lawyer Sergey Golubok, who is acting on behalf of the Arctic 30, said.

Erm, fellas.  The Russians have just annexed a portion of Ukraine.  They probably aren’t going to be taking much notice of the complaints of a few hippies who they roughed up a bit last year.

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4 Responses to Greenpeace Sues Russia

  1. Bernie G. says:

    I bet the Greenpeace 30 are relieved they were banged up when Putin was full of pre-Sochi benevolence, rather than the current Crimea malevolence.

  2. Tim Newman says:

    @Bernie G:

    Absolutely! They’d be breaking rocks in the Kolyma valley by now.

  3. PeteC says:

    Russia being a member of the Council of Europe is subject to rulings by the ECHR. In theory, of course.

    According to this page, “A total of 41,300 pending applications by 31 October 2011 Russia remains the country against which the largest number of applications is lodged.”

    So given that: join the queue, and the very best of luck lads! :)

  4. Tim Newman says:

    So given that: join the queue, and the very best of luck lads!


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