It could happen to anybody!

Either I’m woefully uninformed about the workings of police investigations, or somebody is taking the piss here:

The death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams, whose body was found in a padlocked sports bag, was probably an accident, police have said.

Last year, a coroner said it was likely Mr Williams, 31, from Anglesey, had been unlawfully killed in August 2010.

But the Metropolitan Police said an evidence review had found “it was more probable” no other person was present when he died in his London flat.

Mr Williams’s body was found naked at his flat in Pimlico on 23 August 2010 after colleagues raised concerns for his welfare.

Police discovered his body inside a zipped-up red sports holdall, in the empty bath of his bathroom.

During a seven-day inquest in May 2012, the question of whether Mr Williams could have padlocked himself into a bag in a bath was central.

Pathologists said he would have suffocated within three minutes if he had been alive when he got inside it.

None of his DNA was found on the lock attached to the bag and his palm prints were not found on the rim of the bath.

Huh?  Let’s read that again:

[T]he question of whether Mr Williams could have padlocked himself into a bag in a bath was central.

Well yes, I’d imagine it was.  So what was the answer? All we get is this:

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said he was satisfied it was “theoretically possible” Mr Williams could have padlocked the bag from the inside…

Unless I’m missing something here (which I might be) this smacks of a desperate attempt to sweep something under the carpet.  A body is found inside a locked bag and the verdict is it was an accident because he padlocked himself in?  Slipped on the soap, did he?  Pull the other one, matey.  Found dead with a noose around the neck and an orange up the arse followed by a verdict of death by misadventure, okay I can get that.  But why the hell would anyone lock themselves in a bag in the bathtub?  I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I don’t trust the police to tell the truth nor the media to ask the awkward questions: I think somebody is bullshitting here.

This reminds me of a story I heard on Sakhalin, which may or may not be true.  Apparently, when they were preparing the ground for the new LNG facility at Prigorodnoye, workers stumbled across various body parts – an arm here, a leg there, the head over yonder – all belonging to the same person, and most likely the victim of the savage mafia wars which took place on the island in the 1990s.  The local police turned up and, not wanting to deal with too much paperwork that morning, put it down as a suicide.

Maybe they’ve been training the Met?

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One Response to It could happen to anybody!

  1. Bardon says:

    Things that make you go mmm.

    -Dead Spy
    -In a safehouse
    -Mysteriously locked himself to death in a bag from the inside
    -Body was badly decomposed when they found it, stranegly the heating was on in summer
    -Initial coroners finding upturned.
    -And the old penchant for women’s clothes.

    My take is that it wasn’t swept under the carpet.

    The clear message here is:

    “It could happen to you”.

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