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Further to similar posts by Tim Worstall and Mark Holland, I’m having a wisdom tooth or two out tomorrow.

In fact, it was Mark’s post and his response to my comments on it that encouraged me to go to the dentist in the first place.  I’d not been for about 8 years, and although I had no problems I knew about, the healthcare in Dubai – if you go to one of the more expensive places – is second to none.  Were I to move to Russia in the next few years and require a wisdom tooth extraction there, I would in all likelihood be wishing I’d taken care of things in Dubai (see Tim’s post, for example).

So, along I trotted and got a checkup and panoramic x-ray (cost=£60) which revealed I had 4 cavities and a wisdom tooth growing into my jawbone.  Marvellous.  On Sunday I had the 4 cavities drilled and filled, plus an hour with the dental hygienist for cleaning, scraping, and polishing.  No anaesthetic or anything, mind.  As a result, I was in agony.  Which was a shame, because up until I was presented with the bill I didn’t feel a thing.  Then I needed sedation.  Three of the fillings were £65 each, plus another for £75, and the cleaning was £60 making a total of £390.  And no, my medical cover does not include dental work.  In fairness the dentist, who was French Lebanese, was superb.

So tomorrow, I have to go back, and I am not sure which is going to cause the greater pain and trauma: having the tooth removed, or paying the bill.  I’ll let you know.

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  1. Mark Holland says:

    Best of luck. I hope you don’t suffer for too long. It took me about 10 days before I could be pain-killer free.

    I can understand your medical plan not including dental but does it really not cover wisdom teeth too? Both my present one and the previous one don’t cover dental but the WTs are included because work on them requires a trip to hospital, a surgeon and the like.

  2. Tim Newman says:

    Sadly not. We are self insured for medical treatment, and the dumbfuck Yanks in our head office seem to think the entire world operates in the same way as Houston. Perhaps if I could get them out in a hospital, it would slide through. But I’m having them out in the dentist’s chair, and when another chap in my office tried to make a similar claim, the internal auditor got all upset.

  3. secretdubai says:

    Why the fk didn’t you have anaesthetic?!

    My dentist now has a laser drill, which you don’t even need anaesthetic for. They might be pricier than your guy though.

  4. Anna says:

    In the US removal of fully impacted wisdom tooth (which yours sounds like it is) would be covered by medical insurance, irregardless of where extraction takes place.
    The code for that extraction is both medical and dental code and so could be submitted to either insurance.
    Good luck

  5. Tim Worstall says:

    One of the odd little factoids of life: I asked my dentist whether he had one of those laser drills and he said no, they were far too expensive for him. Which is a pity because, obviously, they cause less pain. But also because the actual laser crystal is made from scandium and it would have been the first time Id had one of our own products used on me. Ah well, perhaps when I go back in a decades time?

  6. Tim Newman says:

    …it would have been the first time Id had one of our own products used on me.

    Let’s hope you don’t take a job in Anne Summers, Tim!

  7. W. Shedd says:

    Ahhh … wisdom teeth. As Anna mentions, impacted wisdom teeth are considered to be covered under medical insurance, as a surgical procedure. Only the wholly unimpacted wisdom tooth is covered under dental insurance. When I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, some umpteen years ago, 3 were impacted and the whole procedure cost me about $25. My head pounded like a Blue Man Group show for about 3 days afterwards, however.

    If you ever are in Russia, I know a rather good dentist in Rostov Veliky (Yaroslavskii oblast) north of Moscow. Given that he is my father-in-law, I’ll gladly hook you up.

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