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Baltic Trip Part 2 – Helsinki

Two years ago, the Allegro high-speed train started running between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, cutting the travelling time between the two cities down to under 4 hours.  Having bought my ticket already, boarding the train was remarkably easy – once … Continue reading

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Baltic Trip Part 1 – St. Petersburg

I’m not sure if St. Petersburg can really be called part of the Baltic region, but this is where I started my trip anyway.  There were a couple of reasons for it: firstly, I had a duty to visit my … Continue reading

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New Look

I’ve been redecorating, the old theme was showing its age.  Hopefully this one will be more mobile friendly, too. UPDATE Due to inexplicable popular demand, my oil industry mugshot has been returned to the sidebar.  I was hoping to give … Continue reading

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Posting will be light on here for the next few weeks: I’m off traveling, to St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius.  Basically, see some friends and family in St. Petersburg and then do a tour of the Baltics.  Doing … Continue reading

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