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Hating a Dream Job

This story on the BBC reminded me of something: Despite having earned millions of dollars and winning eight Grand Slam titles Andre Agassi now admits that he hated tennis. That something James Hamilton wrote about a couple of years back, … Continue reading

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Why Some Countries are Poor

“Why do some places prosper and thrive while others just suck?”, asks P.J. O’Rourke at the start of Eat the Rich, “It’s not a matter of brains.  No part of the earth (with the possible exception of Brentwood) is dumber … Continue reading

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The BBC: 15 years behind

From the BBC, ten days ago: Former dual-code England rugby international Jason Robinson has revealed his battle with depression that saw him turn to Christianity. The 37-year-old said his lowest point was while he was at league side Wigan. “I … Continue reading

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Dear BBC

If you’re going to use a picture of the Union Flag, could you at least use one in which it is being flown the right way up?

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The Demise of Jean-Claude Van Damme

Flicking through the film listing on the flight back from Thailand a few weeks ago, I noticed they were showing a film featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Does anyone remember him?  I do.  When I was a teenage boy he was … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wodehouse

One of the few advantages of being stuck in Lagos traffic for over an hour each working day is I get to read an awful lot, and thanks to my newly procured Kindle, I have a never-ending supply of books, … Continue reading

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Nokia’s Demise Unsurprising

There has been a fair bit in the news lately of Nokia’s troubles, and the likelihood of the company having to lay off several thousand people as they try to arrest what looks to be a terminal decline.  Whereas folk … Continue reading

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More Shite Music Played Loud

A few years back I made this observation: The volume of the music being played by a neighbour is inversely proportional to the quality of the music. I went on to say: I am convinced that those who play music stupidly … Continue reading

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