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Great British Retail

First shop, advertising itself as a “diamond and watch specialist”: Me: “Can you stick a new battery in this watch (an ordinary Seiko) and replace the seal?” Assistant: “No, we’d have to send it away for 6-8 weeks.  We don’t … Continue reading

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Buying Airline Tickets in Russia

In February 2011 some changes were made to how you can book tickets on Thai Airways from Moscow.  The website on which the new rules are described speaks volumes about how business is conducted in Russia. Please be informed that … Continue reading

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Murdoch: Not Actually Stalin

Amongst all the speculation as to why Rupert Murdoch has not fired Rebekah Brooks, the chief editor of what was the News of the World, there doesn’t appear to be the most reasonable explanation: he considers her a valuable employee and … Continue reading

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Uneducated Expats

This amused: According to the Deputy Director, the Thailand Ministry of Education is warning all schools who offer Education Visas to foreigners to be legitimate and make sure students adhere to attendance and testing requirements. At the Pattaya City Expats … Continue reading

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Wet Season

We are now in the middle of what Nigerians call wet season, or rainy season.  This is the time of year when thunderstorms of extraordinary violence crash overhead sending down torrential rain which can last for hours.  It is far … Continue reading

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