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What follows is an email sent from an employee living in company accomodation to the estate services department of a Russian oil company. Dear Olga M., I am resident of Block B leaving in (349). I wanted to inform you … Continue reading

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Forget the Medium Term

A Royal Marine officer friend of mine, who took part in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, explained to me how he coped during a particularly fierce action.  Paraphrasing: “Well, it was complete chaos and I didn’t really know what … Continue reading

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My wife has been visiting me in Nigeria for the past few weeks, just for fun.  She doesn’t have any intention of living here full time, strangely preferring Phuket to Lagos, but she has at least now seen what the … Continue reading

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Macondo: In Praise of BP’s Response

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour disagreed with a report by US House Republicans that said letting BP lead recovery efforts for the Macondo spill was “outright offensive” to … Continue reading

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