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Business as Usual Part II

It’s good to see that following the Macondo well blowout last year, BP have taken all necessary steps to ensure they don’t lurch into yet another embarassing  crisis: UK supermajor BP and Russian giant Rosneft have been blocked by an … Continue reading

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The Best Business in the World

I have heard the following quote attributed to both J.D. Rockefeller and John Paul Getty, although I have been unable to verify its actual source.  Not that it matters, as it’s as true as true can be: The best business … Continue reading

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Some Shit They Supposed To Do

In Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain he observes that: Niggaz always want credit for some shit they supposed to do. … A nigga will say some shit like “I take care of my kids!” You’re supposed to, you dumb mother … Continue reading

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Registration in Russia: Two Views

A Russian commentator, rigourously defending the archaic system which requires all Russian citizens to be registered at a permanent or temporary place of residence: But when someone tells that it impede the free movement of labour across the country, you can … Continue reading

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Quelle Surprise

Via Upstream Online, several huge surprises in one article.  The first: Nigeria’s state oil company had the poorest transparency record of 44 national and international energy companies evaluated in a report published by international watchdogs this week. … Transparency International … Continue reading

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