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Witchcraft and Jungle Justice

This story, published in a Nigerian newspaper last week, is worth reproducing in full. A woman, Oluremi Bolaji, 32, held residents of Ijeshatedo, Surulere and its environs spell bound when she mysteriously appeared on the minaret of the Ijesha Central … Continue reading

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Nigerian Slogans #1

Nigerians like to paint slogans on pretty much anything with a vertical surface, which range from amusing through stating the obvious to downright bizarre.  I’ll post the more interesting ones I see on here from time to time. Seen in … Continue reading

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Mission Creep?

A sign outside a secure facility in Lagos: Nigerian Army Small Scale Drug Manufacturing Unit Either the Nigerian army has undergone serious mission creep or this is an astonishingly frank admission.

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Yeah, right.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin commenting on the deal between Rosneft and ExxonMobil to develop a deep water project in the Black Sea: Sechin said the deal was a proof that the investment climate in Russia had improved. “We … Continue reading

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On a Wing and Oprah

But this is the most amusing of all: Australia is hoping to capitalise on its high profile in the US following talk show host Oprah Winfrey’s recent trip down under to encourage Americans to invest in the resource rich country. … Continue reading

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Pull The Other One

This is also amusing: BP chief executive Robert Dudley has reportedly suggested safety lessons learned from the Macondo spill in the Gulf of Mexico may strengthen the company’s hand in securing further oil deals around the world. … “In an … Continue reading

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Gazprom’s Challenges

This is amusing: The Kremlin’s ambition of turning Gazprom into a global energy titan is undermined by Soviet-style thinking, poor management and corruption, according to leaked US diplomatic cables. Who knew? Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his protege, former … Continue reading

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The BP-Rosneft Exploration Pact

There is much chattering going on in the oil and gas press regarding the BP-Rosneft exploration deal, announced last week, which will see BP take a 9% stake in Rosneft and Rosneft a 5% stake in BP.  This initially took … Continue reading

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My leave has ended, but lacking a visa (it’s being processed in London) I could not return to Nigeria and so was ordered to present myself at a company office in Paris (where my employer is headquartered).  My route took … Continue reading

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Posting has been non-existent because I am currently in Thailand on holiday.  After almost 3 months in Nigeria, Phuket never looked so clean, inviting, and friendly.  I’m way too busy enjoying myself to be blogging. Remember this post?  All is … Continue reading

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