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Volumes Spoken

This from a Russian who, surprise surprise, lives in the USA: Preserving national honor and dignity is more important than the two or three measly billions of dollars extra in GDP that simplified Russian visa provisions would bring. That’s always … Continue reading

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Corner Turned

I’ve now been in Nigeria for just over two months, and am eleven days short of my first leave, which will take the form of a two week trip to Phuket.  Since I’ve been here, things have changed quite a … Continue reading

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The MTV African Music Awards

Last night the MTV African Music Awards were held in the enormous function hall which forms part of our hotel, allegedly the largest such venue in the whole of west Africa.  Which admittedly is a bit like being the best … Continue reading

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How to buy an aeroplane ticket in Nigeria

1. Visit website of desired airline. 2. Select flight, date, etc. 3. Proceed to payment page. 4. Observe large red warning notice to the effect that, thanks to your country of origin being infested with dickheads who would defraud their unborn … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Cup

There are reports that Russia’s hosting of the 2018 FIFA world cup finals will cost $50bn. People might think this is an awful lot of money, which it is, but it is worth remembering that $50bn spent on infrastructure in … Continue reading

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A Positive Step for Chinese International Relations

This, on the other hand, is good news: Two Chinese oil companies operating in Ecuador said they could seek international arbitration if they do not reach agreement over new contracts, saying negotiations so far were characterised by pressure and a … Continue reading

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What strategy would that be, then?

At first glance, this article seems to be reporting good news: Russia is working on a host of new legislation and framework changes to allow foreigners to more easily explore for oil and gas as Moscow moves to unlock its … Continue reading

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