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DHL: not a courier service after all

I am trying to get a credit card couriered from the UK to Thailand.  DHL have refused, because “It might be intercepted.” Well, yes.  This is why I want to use a courier service as opposed to normal mail. DHL … Continue reading

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Je Ne Regrette Rien

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that it would happen.  I can’t say I wasn’t warned.  So many people told me that to go to a foreign place with the oil business without my wife was just asking for trouble, … Continue reading

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From your Correspondent in Lagos

I’ve had occasion not to be polite about British Airways in the past: the last time I flew with them was in July 2008 between Moscow and London, and the cabin looked as though it had been involved in evacuating … Continue reading

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Little White Lies

Phrases commonly heard in the oil and gas industry which are not to be believed: 1.  Somebody will be there to meet you. 2.  It’s only for a few weeks. 3.  You don’t need to bring anything. 4.  This project … Continue reading

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Off to Nigeria

Well, it looks as though it’s going to happen.  If all goes according to plan I will collect my Nigerian visa on 11th October and take a British Airways flight down to Lagos on 13th October.  My position has changed … Continue reading

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