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Blogging Stuff

Once again, apologies for the interruption in service.  It appears that this blog, which recently saw its 250,000th visitor, has outgrown the hosting company, who I have been with for 10 years.  So I’ve moved to another host, hopefully one … Continue reading

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Security Advice

As received from my new employer regarding travel in Nigeria: In case of danger, stay in your car, ask your driver not to run away and give immediately what you are asked for (have always about 5.000 Naira [$30] with … Continue reading

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Business as Usual in Russia’s Oil and Gas Sector

A series of articles in Upstream Online illustrate well the mentality of those attempting to run Russia’s oil and gas industry.  First up is a report of yet more “tough talk” from Igor Sechin, Russia’s deputy prime minister and chairman … Continue reading

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Blog Died, Resurrected

You may have noticed my blog was offline for a few days, apparently a rogue script almost caused the host server to crash and my provider thought the best way to deal with it was to pull the plug on … Continue reading

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How to register yourself in Russia

As I mentioned in my previous post, during this trip to Russia I am staying in the apartment of a friend.  Unlike all previous occasions where I have either spent the first night in a hotel or have been here … Continue reading

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How to Buy Lightbulbs in Russia

I’m back in Sakhalin for two weeks, having finally managed to obtain a visa for $200 thanks to an efficient agent in London and my second passport (Brits are allowed multiple passports).  I’m here purely on holiday to catch up with friends, most … Continue reading

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