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I’m off to see some friends in Dubai and Lebanon for the next 10 days or so.  I doubt I will be sober enough to blog much. See you when I get back, after which I will be having my … Continue reading

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England Thrashed

Well, that was embarrassing.  The highlight of England’s world cup is therefore a 1-0 win over Slovenia, whose population is less than 2m and most people confuse it with Slovakia. It was a good game to watch without a doubt, … Continue reading

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Ignorant Brits in Bars

I haven’t watched England playing football in a bar for years, but last night I did because I have an American friend staying with me and we wanted to watch both games simultaneously.  I soon realised why I stopped watching … Continue reading

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The Problem is England’s Players

Unsurprisingly for somebody who is unemployed (yup, I don’t start the new job until September; this is a good unemployed) I have been watching a fair bit of the world cup.  I’m not just watching it because it’s a world … Continue reading

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Macondo Aftermath Descends into Farce

This business with the BP oil spill is turning into a farce.  If ever there was a need for some sensible heads on the shoulders of adults to prevail then this is it, but alas the whole affair resembles a … Continue reading

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Commandos Tour de France

It’s not something I talk about much on this blog, but I’ve always been a steady supporter of the UK armed forces, especially the Royal Marines whose ranks hold several of my closest friends.  Regardless of the politics surrounding their … Continue reading

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New Job

Having been unemployed for 3 months and 15 days, today I was offered a job. In Nigeria. Which I have accepted. I suppose you’ll want to know why I’ve agreed to go there.  I can assure you I don’t particularly … Continue reading

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More Russian Fuckwittery

As I said in this post, I’m planning a trip to Sakhalin in August and am going through the process of obtaining a visa. I got the letter of invitation without any problem once we’d agreed I’m not going to … Continue reading

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The Dangers of a Weakened BP

As I said in this recent post, in theory BP should have more than enough cash to pay for the environmental cleanup and compensation claims resulting from the Macondo well disaster.  But as I went on to say in this … Continue reading

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Which island?

I’m planning a trip back to Sakhalin in August, mainly to take one last look at the place given the chances of my ever going back are slim, and to see a few friends.  For the first time in years … Continue reading

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