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A Civil War in Thailand?

My wife has just returned from a trip into the Thai countryside which involved a two-night stop-over in Bangkok.  She reported that there are soldiers everywhere, almost as if martial law has been imposed, and areas of the city are … Continue reading

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The BBC: Worth Every Penny

Never let it be said that the BBC does not deserve its monopoly on being allowed to demand £3.5bn from TV owners on threat of imprisonment: As airports begin to get back to normal after the volcano ash chaos, many … Continue reading

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Ash? What ash?

Via my wife, I hear that residents of St. Petersburg are finding horrible brown spots appearing on their cars, which is the ash from the Icelandic volcano that has closed much of Europe’s airspace.  And courtesy of the BBC we … Continue reading

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A Fascinating Tale of Revenge

For no other reason than sheer coincidence, during my last week in Sakhalin I happened to watch three films all sharing a common theme:  Defiance, Inglorious Basterds, and The Reader. The common theme is, of course, the Nazi persecution of … Continue reading

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The Future of Socialism

I haven’t written anything political on this blog for a while, so why not throw a big haymaker out there this morning? Via Norm, I see some chap called Robert Paul Wolff has written an essay called The Future of … Continue reading

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