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New Job

Well, it appears that after knocking on a lot of doors and tapping on a lot of windows I’ve found myself another job.  This should keep me in Sakhalin for another year or so, or at least until the economic … Continue reading

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Russian Economics

An understanding of basic economics was always in short supply in the Soviet Union, and it is not exactly in abundance in modern Russia. Natural gas is undervalued and its price less susceptible to producer influence than oil because long-term … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Job Advert #3

This one was emailed to my wife: We are looking for translators to translate Russia city names from English to Russian (Cyrillic alphabet). For the person who wins the project, we need a guarantee that you can complete this within … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

Being faced with redundancy in 23 days time, it is interesting to sit back and look at how various supermajors have reacted to the global economic crisis and the collapse of the oil price: Exxon-Mobil: The head of US supermajor … Continue reading

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Reavealed Preferences in Venezuela

There’s nothing quite like like a dose of economic reality to reveal preferences:  Venezuela increased oil shipments to the US in January, despite President Hugo Chavez’s anti-US rhetoric and a promise to Opec to cut output, the US Department of … Continue reading

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