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Buncefield Incident Revisited

Anyone remember the explosion at the Buncefield fuel depot in December 2005?  At the time I wrote this: Being a risk engineer in the oil and gas business and all that, here’s my take on it: the root cause is a … Continue reading

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10 Days At Sea

I am now back in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk having survived 10 days or so on the Yuri Topchev.  I must start this post by apologising for the lack of photos: I might be able to get some from colleagues, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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I Dump. I Rock.

This evening I will be heading north up the island on the train to Nogliki, where tomorrow (weather permitting) I will be taken by helicopter to what was for a short time my home, the Lun-A gas production and drilling … Continue reading

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Prospects Improved

Just over a month ago I speculated in this post that the supermajor’s prospects in Russia may improve as a result of the global economic crisis, as financing mega projects becomes much more difficult in the months and years ahead. Sure enough: Gazprom … Continue reading

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I spent the first two weeks of November lying on the White Beach of Boracay, Philippines doing precisely nothing, an activity which included ignoring all news and not reading as much as a single website.  It is something I should … Continue reading

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