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Three Weeks on the Lun-A

It’s now been three weeks since I arrived on the Lun-A gas production platform in the Sea of Okhotsk.  So what has it been like? In a word: odd.  As I said in my earlier post, all anyone does is … Continue reading

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There has been an awful lot of fuss recently about people believing in, or not being sufficiently sceptical of, creationism.  Sarah Palin has drawn huge amounts of criticism for saying she believed in creationism, and the director of education at … Continue reading

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If oil companies ran resturants…

…they’d be something like this. (A middle-aged couple emerge from a taxi, smiling, happy, looking forward to an evening of good food and fine wines in each other’s company.  They enter the door of the restuarant, over which is displayed a sign reading: “11,541 Dishes Served Without … Continue reading

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The Sakhalin Salmon Run

August and September on Sakhalin Island are known by everyone as the season where the salmon swim from the sea up the thousands of rivers and streams all over the island to lay their eggs. This is a time when huge … Continue reading

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Fighting in Turkmenistan

Back in May 2006, The Economist ran an article on Turkmenistan which said: There is, though, much speculation about the 66-year-old Turkmenbashi’s health. He has had heart surgery, and has a team of eight top-notch German doctors constantly on call. … Continue reading

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Russian Plane Crash

This is very bad news indeed: A passenger plane has crashed near the central Russian city of Perm, killing all 88 people on board, officials say. The Boeing-737, belonging to a branch of the national airline Aeroflot, was on a … Continue reading

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Life on the Lun-A

Well I made it offshore okay, a bit of sea sickness on the boat out aside.  For some reason to do with how they’ve parked the Astoria (the floating hotel) beside the platform, they aren’t helicoptering people in and out … Continue reading

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Offshore to the LUN-A

This evening I will be boarding a northbound train on the first part of the journey to what will be my home for the next month: At the moment the sea isn’t quite as icy as it is in the above picture, and missing from the … Continue reading

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