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Have visa, will travel

My cable TV has been out of action for the past five months, despite the cable company sending people round on no less than five occasions to fix it.  Last time they sent a trio of gormless looking men around, one … Continue reading

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Nizhnekamsk Nel’zya

I have had to postpone my trip to Nizhnekamsk, for a reason which is most typically Russian.  Apparently, Nizhnekamsk is a closed city, although I had no difficulty getting in or out or wandering around when I was there four … Continue reading

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The Language of Compromise

This made me chuckle: Gazprom is “a bit disappointed” by protracted talks with BP’s Russian venture, TNK-BP, about taking a controlling stake in the Kovykta gas field, the Russian gas giant’s deputy chief executive Alexander Medvedev said today. “The ministry … Continue reading

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Russian mega-projects: are the plans realistic?

Continuing on from the post two below this one, I should emphasise that the $2.6 trillion required by Gazprom and Rosneft is only that amount needed to develop Russia’s offshore fields. The onshore developments will need separate funding, as this … Continue reading

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A Return to Nizhnekamsk

So, as a follow up to this post, I can now confirm that I will indeed be making a return to Nizhnekamsk, scene of my first ever trip to Russia four years ago.  I leave Sakhalin on Monday, spend two … Continue reading

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Gazprom and Rosneft win big, but at what cost?

Two very interesting articles on the Russian oil and gas industry appear one after another in Upstream Online, and I am not sure whether or not their juxtaposition was intentional. The first: Russian state-controlled giants Gazprom and Rosneft have been … Continue reading

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Atyrau Again

I’m back in Atyrau, my noisy old propellor plane having stayed up in the air just long enough to get us across the Caspian safely.  I’m staying in the same crap hotel which I was in a few days ago, … Continue reading

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From Atyrau to Baku

I woke up in my undersized bed in the hotel in Atyrau a whole three hours after I went to sleep.  The state of the room hadn’t improved in that time, and switching on the TV revealed a total of … Continue reading

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From Sakhalin to Atryau

I’m now in Baku, sitting on the tenth floor of a rather nice hotel overlooking the Caspian Sea.  I’ll write about my journey from Sakhalin to Atyrau in this post, and about Baku in the next. My flight from Sakhalin … Continue reading

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