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Travel Plans

For the next week I will be in Atyrau, Kazakhstan and Baku, Azerbaijan on business.  Partly because of the distances and partly because of poor planning on my part, the journey there is looking to be a nightmare. I leave … Continue reading

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A Russian’s View of Britain

In the comments section of the post immediately below, frequent commenter L.S. points me towards an article in the UK’s Daily Mail regarding a book written by a young Russian woman about her experiences living in London.  I had a … Continue reading

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International Womens’ Day

It’s a day late, but congratulations to all my female readers on International Womens’ Day, which means next to nothing to a Brit. It means plenty to a Russian though.  On Friday and yesterday, every flower shop or kiosk, large … Continue reading

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Exxon Strikes Back

Amongst the recent activities of “energy nationalism” by certain governments around the world, by which ownership of large or high-profile oil and gas projects is transferred from private companies to the state by fair means or foul, there has been a consistent murmur of … Continue reading

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