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A Trip to Siberia

I am now back in Sakhalin after my trip to Siberia, which was pretty good fun. The best way to get to Irkutsk from Sakhalin is through the city of Khabarovsk, situated on the Amur river less than 30km from … Continue reading

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This Winter

This winter has been noticeably colder than last winter.  A typical winter’s day last year saw temperatures of -12C in the morning, creeping slowly up to -2C during the day.  This year, and particularly last week, we saw temperatures of … Continue reading

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Russian Scaffolding

The company I work for provides specialist scaffolding services to the oil and gas industry.  One of the specialities of our scaffolding service is ensuring the scaffolding stays up, so I can safely say that the scaffolding in the pictures below does … Continue reading

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Back in Business

Many, many apologies to all those who have wondered where the hell I’ve been.  After days of trying everything I could think of to no avail, my technical problems suddenly resolved themselves and everything is now back to normal.  I … Continue reading

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Technical Problems

Apologies for not posting anything over the New Year, I am having trouble accessing certain websites from my home internet connection, one of which is rather annoyingly this blog. I’ve got a few bits and pieces to write, hopefully I’ll … Continue reading

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