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Bad Music Turned Loud

Having lived in a few student houses and more recently a couple of Russian apartments, I have noticed that the following relationship holds true: The volume of the music being played by a neighbour is inversely proportional to the quality of the … Continue reading

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Chto takoe osen’?

If capturing the best of the autumn colours was the aim of this I’m about a week too late, but these are some pictures taken around Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk yesterday.

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A Return to Nizhnekamsk?

Most people, even those who follow Russian affairs closely, will have understandably missed this story: ОАО “Tatneft” has selected a contractor to build the new Nizhnekamsk Refinery worth $5 billion. ОАО “Tatneft” signed the contract with the US company Fluor … Continue reading

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Photos from Istanbul

Right, I’ve been back from Istanbul for ages now, but a combination of laziness and business has prevented me from posting anything.  Lame on my part, I know. Anyway, on the first free day I had I went to visit … Continue reading

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I’m following in the footsteps of another, sadly long silent, blogger* by announcing that I am now in Istanbul when everyone expects me to be in the Russian Far East.  I’m here for a couple of days business trip, but with the … Continue reading

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The Last of the Summer Whine

Nothing changes in Russia, or so it seems.  But when change does occur, it happens quickly.  Three weeks ago, the temperature in the mornings on the way to work was about 12 or 13 degrees Celcius.  Two weeks ago it was about … Continue reading

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