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Late Spring Snow Gone

This is more like it.   What a difference a day makes.

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Late Spring Snow

Great.  Just as the weather was starting to warm up (it was 10C yesterday), the very last of the snow disappear from the town, and hopes of summer, barbecues, and beaches to form in everyone’s mind, we wake up to … Continue reading

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Local Peculiarities

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, who is working on one of the major oil and gas projects on the island.  One of his Russian employees was recently rushed to hospital for a stomach pump … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Rudyard Kipling

I’ve always liked Rudyard Kipling’s poetry, ever since I read The Way Through The Woods in English literature classes when I was about 15.  If still remains my favourite poem from any poet for its ability to express the values which … Continue reading

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Into Thin Air

Yesterday, three friends and I attempted to walk up the mountain to the East of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk called Chekov’s Peak, which is the second highest peak in the vicinity of the town, and the highest which can be seen from the town centre.  … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of the Long Distance Runner

I don’t know if any of my current readers are left from the days when I first started blogging in the spring of 2003, a few months before I left the UK for good.  Around that time I was into … Continue reading

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Clouds at Sunset

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