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Youths of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Pay Respects On Army Day

Friday, February 23rd was Defenders of the Motherland Day (also known as Army Day, or Men’s Day).  It is a national holiday across the whole of Russia, and should be a welcome breather for the Russian Army which, if President Putin’s recent speech in Munich is … Continue reading

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A Reason Why Russians Hate President Bush

Do Russians hate Americans?  It’s a good question, one that I can’t answer, and I expect nor can anyone else.  Verbally, they certainly dislike America and, like the denizens of the Middle East, register their displeasure by grabbing any opportunity … Continue reading

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Siberian Light Interview

Andy Young of Siberian Light is running a series of interviews with people who blog about Russia.  This week the blogger is none other than me, and you can read the interview here.

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Weird Weather

The weather in this place is seriously weird. Three days ago snow was falling by the ton. Two days ago the temperatures stayed at -11C and everything and everyone was frozen solid. Yesterday afternoon the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk looked out … Continue reading

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Winter in South Sakhalin

The south of Sakhalin Island has been hit by a several snowstorms over the past week or so, and after a period of less than normal snow coverage, this corner of Russia is finally starting to look like it’s supposed to. … Continue reading

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I’m back from Thailand, and am now at home in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk where we are in the middle of a fierce snowstorm. Thailand was fun.  The weather was great, warm enough to stroll about in shorts and t-shirt but not swelteringly … Continue reading

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A review of 24: Season 1

Seeing that I am sitting about for 24 hours, and being decidedly grumpy about the whole thing now that the snow has stopped, the sun is shining, and there are still 2 hours to go before I was supposed to take … Continue reading

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