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Sakhalin II LNG Site

There is a very detailed satellite view of the Sakhalin II LNG facility under construction at Prigorodnoye on Sakhalin Island here.  This is the largest project on the island, and involves nearly everyone who is working here in some way … Continue reading

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When A Western Expat Meets The Locals

My wife and I were invited to a joint birthday party last night, to which we arrived at 7:30pm.  By 8:30 I was feeling very ill, and was quite astonished by the speed at which everyone was drinking vodka or some … Continue reading

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Human Shields Exposed, Rights Violated

I’ve written before about the bizarre situations which pass for reality in Middle Eastern affairs which concern Israel.  An article from the BBC does little to dispel my view that visitors to the region must be forced to abandon all logic … Continue reading

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Gazprom’s Folly

I am embarrassingly late onto this story, and I blame a lack of internet connection followed by a lack of subscription to Upstream magazine in my new company.  Last month, Gazprom announced that it would not be looking for foreign … Continue reading

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Russian Children

Via Tim Worstall, I came across this article in The Guardian about how British kids nowadays hold adults in contempt.  I don’t recommend you read it as it is tripe of the highest order, particularly when the author attempts to identify the … Continue reading

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First Proper Snow

Despite a week’s delay, the inevitable has finally occurred: last night we had a few inches of snow dumped on us, and it is here to stay.  Two weeks ago we had our first snowfall in temperatures which barely got … Continue reading

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Police Day

Today, November 10th, is Police Day in Russia.  That means they all want to go and get plastered tonight, and that requires money, which means they need to pull over more motorists from which to extract bribes. The police were out … Continue reading

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A Trip to Moscow

I was intending to update my blog earlier in the week, but I came into work on Tuesday morning to discover I had to fly to Moscow that afternoon, and catch a flight back the next day.  We are ramping … Continue reading

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Apologies for the lack of posting lately.  Work is getting pretty busy and my day is packed full of stuff to do, and the dialup connection I have in the apartment is rubbish.  I have a few things to write … Continue reading

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