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The Pros…

Things I will miss about Dubai: 1.  The weather in late Autumn and early Spring.  This cannot be beaten. 2.  The swimming pool on the roof of my apartment block.  I doubt I’ll have one of these in Sakhalin.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Lotteries are a tax on those who don’t understand maths. – The Remittance Man.

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Modern Battlefield Protocol: Stay, Observe, Die

This battle that is raging in Lebanon is at times taking on the appearance of a parody of warfare.  Take for example the bombing of the UN outpost, as reported by the BBC: UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair and Agent Orange

The Norm links to a distressing article in Vanity Fair which describes the horrific effects of Agent Orange on the population and subsequent generations of the areas in Vietnam on which it was dropped.  Norm chooses to excerpt the following sentences: … Continue reading

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My life is changing rapidly. Last night my girlfriend Yulia and I got engaged.  The smart money was on a throw-back, but the promise of a glamorous lifestyle in Sakhalin won her over.  Now all I have to do is … Continue reading

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A Change of Scenery

Ah! Dubai.  The Jewel of the Desert, Pearl of the Middle East.  With its rich culture, exotic beaches, authentic cuisine, world class hotels and restaurants, friendly locals, and luxurious lifestyle for all, Dubai is truly heaven on earth.  Witness those … Continue reading

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Small Arms in Africa

There is a great passage regarding the world arms trade posted by The Remittance Man in a comment over at Tim Worstall’s: [W]eapons manufactured by the companies that Mrs Robinson obviously regards as the most evil perpetrators of the trade, Colt, … Continue reading

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Back in Dubai

Everything went according to plan, but I never got the chance to post anything from St. Petersburg.  I’ve got a lot to write about, and I’ll try to get it posted as soon as possible. However, there are major changes … Continue reading

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Canoeing on the River Wye

I am currently staying with a friend in Hereford in the heart of the English countryside, and the weather could not be better.  Even at 9:00am the sun is noticeably warm and it stays like that until late evening, with … Continue reading

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