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One morning, in church…

Yesterday I attended my kid sister’s first communion in my Dad’s local Catholic church in Wapping.  I’m not into this kind of stuff, and I’m certainly not Catholic, but I went along for the occasion anyway.  One of the friends of the … Continue reading

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Posting on here will be sporadic at best, because tomorrow I am heading off on holiday with my girlfriend.  We are going to London for a few days, then taking the train to Hereford to visit some friends, after which we’re off … Continue reading

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I like football.  I like football very much, and have been watching the World Cup with enthusiam.  I don’t have it at home, as the monopoly service provider in the UAE have slapped on an £80 surcharge for anyone wanting a world cup … Continue reading

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Three Years in the Desert

Two days ago marked the 3rd anniversary of my emigration from the UK.  Just before I left, I put up this post on my old blog, saying I’d be going away for 4-5 weeks. This is normally how British expats become … Continue reading

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If engineering consultants ran restaurants…

…they’d be something like this. Waiter: Evening sir!  Are you ready to order? Customer: Yes…I’d like the fillet steak please, done rare.  And a bottle of your red Chateaux Neuf de Pape to go with it. Waiter: (scribbling away) No problem, … Continue reading

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Hände Hoch!

From the BBC: A ceremony has been held in Berlin to present more than 300 police officers from 13 European countries who will be working in Germany for the World Cup. … Britain has the largest contingent, with 82 officers, … Continue reading

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Change in Editorial Policy

For reasons which are nothing whatsoever to do with censorship in the Middle East or as a result of pressure from the authorities, this blog will no longer be commenting on political events in the Middle East.  Previous posts which … Continue reading

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