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All work and no play makes Tim a dull blogger

Sorry about the lack of posting as of late.  My outrage at the political inanity contained within the Gulf News and other such publications has withered as a result of my not having opened a newspaper in a week or … Continue reading

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Local Joke

A man brings a lion into Dubai.  For the next month, the man feeds the lion nothing but bananas.  The lion is obviously unimpressed with this, but still the man continues to feed him only bananas.  Eventually, the lion snaps: “Look, … Continue reading

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Ban Stuff First, Engage Brain Later

In a case of economic idiocy which serves as a useful explanation as to why socialists never get taken seriously and remain forever frustrated that nobody is being persuaded by their arguments in significant numbers, Brownie from Harry’s Place suggests alleviating the UK housing … Continue reading

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Back to Work

So, I’m back to work having woken up this morning well on the road to recovery. I’m pretty much off the painkillers now, and there is a bit of discomfort but nothing I can’t handle (see, I’m getting all brave … Continue reading

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Tooth Update

Well that was a barrel of laughs! I am now two wisdom teeth and £330 lighter.  My jaw is still under anaesthetic, and when he was removing the lower tooth he bruised my tongue, which then swelled up, and I am now … Continue reading

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Tooth Blogging

Further to similar posts by Tim Worstall and Mark Holland, I’m having a wisdom tooth or two out tomorrow. In fact, it was Mark’s post and his response to my comments on it that encouraged me to go to the … Continue reading

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Shenanigans at Russian beauty contest

Via Tim Worstall, himself no stranger to Russia’s rather, er, odd ways of doing things, we get this story: IT WAS billed as a celebration of female beauty and family values set against the picturesque backdrop of Russia’s second city … Continue reading

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Amnesty International and Torture

Amnesty International, having been happy to compare the US prison at Guantanamo to the labour camps of Vorkuta, Kolyma, and Noril’sk, is now working hard on making sure that torture is an acceptable practice around the world: Amnesty International USA Senior Deputy Executive … Continue reading

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Subsea Blogging

Taken last week on the reef off Kubar Island, Kuwait.

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British Politics

I used to be a keen follower of British politics, between the years of 2000 and 2003.  Then when I emigrated and removed myself from the tax system, obviously the state of British politics didn’t have much of an effect … Continue reading

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