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We don’t need no SA-80

Cinema goers in the UK are to be shown a shocking spoof shopping channel ad offering AK-47 machine guns for sale. reports the BBC, who are seemingly unable to differentiate between an assault rifle and a machine gun. Amnesty International … Continue reading

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Russia forges stronger ties with Uzbekistan

Remember the days when the likes of Craig Murray were claiming that: As seen from Tashkent, US policy is not much focussed on democracy or freedom. It is about oil, gas and hegemony. In Uzbekistan the US pursues those ends … Continue reading

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Ex-Soviets in Dubai

This article on people from the former Soviet Union in Dubai appeared in the Gulf News over the weekend: [D]espite their increasing success in a variety of diverse professions, … many Russian speakers still suffer from a negative stereotype in … Continue reading

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Lukoil to make “big announcement”

From Upstream Online: Shares in Russian explorer Lukoil broke through 2000 roubles ($70.22) and $70 for the first time today on the back of solid results and management promises of a “big announcement”. … Lukoil, which is 16% owned by … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe?

From today’s Gulf News: A couple from Eastern Europe who were caught half-dressed having sexual intercourse in a small car on Shaikh Zayed Road have been jailed. The Dubai Public Prosecution had charged the 19-year-old female, from Kyrgyzstan, and a … Continue reading

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Prostitution: to legalise or not?

The legal status of prostitution seems to once again have come up for discussion in the UK. It is a subject, living in Dubai and taking an interest in all things Central Asian, of which I know a little. I … Continue reading

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A Forum with a Difference

This is a bit sick. On a message board for Honda enthusiasts, a wife of one of the regular contributors starts a thread in February 2002 with the following post: As most of you here may know i am lifsatrip7’s … Continue reading

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Lord of War

Just before I went off to Korea, I went to see Lord of War at the cinema. Nicholas Cage stars as Yuri Orlov, a Ukrainian-American from a poor family in New Brighton Brighton Beach who becomes an international arms dealer. … Continue reading

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Leftists, Russians, and the Concept of Press Freedom

What have leftists in the West got in common with Russians? Not a lot I’d say, but not nothing. Konstantin on his Russian Blog gives us one such example: Sometimes I find articles that recover my trust in the freedom … Continue reading

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Gazprom goes boom!

Wow. As investors take advantage of the long-awaited reform, which had restricted foreign ownership of the stock, Gazprom’s market capitalisation has risen by more than 25% in just four trading sessions, smashing through the $200 billion mark. There’s a quick … Continue reading

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