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Shake Zayed Road

Yesterday residents of the UAE we all excited about the occurence of an earthquake in Iran which was felt by those in the northern emirates and part of Dubai. This is interesting for me, because the company I signed up … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Seoul

I am now in Seoul, capital of the Republic of South Korea, and by some measures the world’s most populous city, bigger even than New York, London, and Moscow with over 10 million people living here. The first thing that … Continue reading

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Взвейтесь кострами

Having spent the last week or so in the company of two people from St. Petersburg who are old enough to have been Pioneers, I am now familiar with one or two songs of Soviet youth. Sing along, Comrades! Взвейтесь … Continue reading

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Ah’m a Seoul Man

Blogging for the next month or so will be taking place from Seoul, South Korea where I am going to be carrying out some technical work for a project of ours. Let’s see what I can see.

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Motoring in Kuwait

Two distinguishing features of motoring in Kuwait: 1) Spectacular luxury vehicles; 2) Horrific accidents;

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Pure Poetry

The last three paragraphs of Secret Dubai’s latest post are so beautifully written, especially if you are familiar with Dubai, that I feel compelled to give them a wider audience: Freedom to roam again at last! To ride the wild … Continue reading

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Thoughts on St. Petersburg and Kazan

As you’ve probably guessed I’m back from Russia, and am getting warm once again. I haven’t written a full account of this trip, but I have taken a lot of very nice photos. There are too many to put in … Continue reading

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Where next?

I’m back from Russia, and am in the process of writing a post to that effect. But here’s some food for thought: I spent last night in the Radisson SAS hotel in Kuwait. Last night terrorists killed 57 people in … Continue reading

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