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St. Petersburg and Kazan

I am now in Kazan, capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan situated due east of Moscow on the river Volga. I arrived last night after a 28 hour train journey from St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg was marvellous, although I … Continue reading

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Gloria on Gaza

A great post by Gloria Salt on the non-reaction of the sections of the West to the recent violence in the Gaza Strip: But what about the rest of the world? All those activists on campuses in Britain, for example. … Continue reading

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Moscow-St. Petersburg-Kazan

Apologies for the poor quality posting of late, a consequence of clearing my desk of work before I depart to Russia on Thursday. I’m going to be spending one night in Moscow, then catching a train to St. Petersburg where … Continue reading

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Still a Mystery

Upstream Online runs an opinion piece discussing the effect Russia’s political wranglings are having on outside investment. [I]n a country run quite autocratically by a character such as Putin there will always be a suspicion that both minor and major … Continue reading

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Outsiders further shut out of FSU

The signs are not looking good for foreign companies wishing to play a role in the oil and gas industry of the former Soviet Union. Firstly, the government of Kazakhstan has stepped in with a hastily written law in order … Continue reading

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Russian Anecdote

Person 1: Where are you from? Person 2: Near to Moscow. Person 1: Where exactly? Person 2: Bishkek. (BTW, can anyone enlighten me as to whether the practice of claiming to be from Moscow or near to Moscow is a … Continue reading

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Total to go into Russia?

Despite the poor economic and political governance of Russia which dissuades foreign investment, the sheer size of Russia’s reserves are such that Western supermajors will always be willing to participate in Russian projects to some degree, as this report shows: … Continue reading

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CPC bows to Moscow’s demands

This is probably not good news. It will certainly be worth keeping an eye on. The six members of the Chevron-led Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which pumps oil from Kazakhstan to Russia’s Black Sea coast, have agreed to a list … Continue reading

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Ramadan Driving

From the Gulf News: The emirate’s roads witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of accidents on the first day of Ramadan, a police official told Gulf News yesterday. “There have been many accidents today. They are all minor, but … Continue reading

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Silence of the Camels

Further to this story, a Mr T. G. Davies from Abu Dhabi writes an amusing letter to the Gulf News: I assume the camel was not a consenting partner in these acts. That being the case, it is clear to … Continue reading

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