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Speculation abounds that Chevron’s Typhoon mini-TLP is floating upside down in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Rita. The company is refusing to comment following the release of a picture which clearly shows a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) adopting a … Continue reading

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For Richer, For Poorer

Roman Abramovich gets $13.1bn richer. The Russian people get $13.1bn poorer. Vladimir Putin’s grip on the Russian energy market grows ever stronger (Gazprom now controls 30% of the Russian oil industry). Here’s hoping the western press do more than giggle … Continue reading

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Problem Not Identified, Not Solved

Either Vladimir Putin has failed to identify the real problem here, or he’s pretending it doesn’t exist. Given his track record, both are equally likely: Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that the country’s enormous oil and gas reserves are … Continue reading

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They’re Learning

In other Russian oil and gas news, Gazprom is taking the novel approach of not building a pipeline until a requirement for one has been established and its planning finished: Russian gas giant Gazprom is in talks about laying two … Continue reading

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Come Into My Parlour

According to the ever-reliable Upstream Online, Russia is considering lowering its taxes for oil companies in order to boost exploration activities: In comments broadcast on state-owned television, Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko said the government should lower taxation in the oil … Continue reading

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Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!

Despite the approach of October both heat and humidity are not improving in the UAE, so watching DVDs is still a valid way to spend a few hours. Last weekend a friend lent me a Russian film from 1975 called … Continue reading

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The Caring Face of Abu Dhabi’s Oil Companies

The oil and gas operating companies which make up the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company really do need to work on their customer service. Calling the front desk of these major oil and gas companies would often be the stuff … Continue reading

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The Best of British Blogging

This is the British at their best. Tim Worstall noticed that fellow blogger Chris at Devil’s Kitchen was feeling a bit down of late, and issued the following appeal: [I]s there anyone in the area who can amble round and … Continue reading

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Empire of the Wolves & The Descent

Yesterday, having little better to do, I killed half a day by going to the cinema to watch back-to-back films. The first was L’ Empire des loups, or by its English title, Empire of the Wolves. It was not rated … Continue reading

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Supermajors meet with Putin

Supermajors Shell and BP have been established in Russia for some time now, the former being heavily involved in the Sakhalin Energy project and BP having a 50% stake in TNK-BP as well as being involved in Sakhalin and being … Continue reading

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