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Seamus Milne on Iraq’s Oil

There is a good reason why Upstream Online is popular amongst workers in the oil and gas industry as opposed to say, Seamus Milne of the Guardian.  Via Tim Worstall, here is the latter: [F]our of the western world’s largest … Continue reading

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PSAs and Ignorance

There is an article in yesterday’s Asia Times by a Pepe Escobar, which has been seized on by a number of left-wing blogs as evidence that the war in Iraq is all about securing reserves for US oil companies.  Mr … Continue reading

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Terry Lloyd

A UK coroner has ruled that ITN journalist Terry Lloyd was unlawfully killed by US forces in the opening days of the Iraq War.  Not content with the ruling, and clearly with the authority to make such statements, National Union of … Continue reading

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“After-the-Event Predictions” from the BBC

How predictions for Iraq came true is the headline for John Simpson’s column on the BBC website. It was a few weeks before the invasion of Iraq, three years ago. I was interviewing the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, in … Continue reading

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Stop Sulking!

It looks as though at least one Russian company has been forced to adopt a stance of economic reality over political posturing. Russian producer Lukoil has said it is sending $5 million worth of aid to Iraq’s Oil Ministry this … Continue reading

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