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Should have seen it coming…

When he’s not abusing Sydney’s nouvelles riches ladies of leisure and snapping photos of Sydney’s sartorial disasters, The New Australian is fond of pointing out two things: 1. Like Brits, Australians have bought into the idea that property is a … Continue reading

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Beware of a Man in Search of a Legacy

Historical legacies are interesting things, offering as they do a chicken and egg situation.  Was Napoleon motivated foremost to secure his name in history and his deeds merely the methods he used to do it?  Or did he simply fancy … Continue reading

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The BBC: Inventing new oil companies since 2014.

I knew that this BBC article would be bollocks as soon as I saw the headline: Halliburton reports $622m profits. The first thing you see is this picture: With the caption: “Halliburton was one of the contractors involved in the BP Gulf … Continue reading

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Women in the Oil and Gas Industry

There’s an article over in Upstream Online which I feel misses the point, that point being the one which Tim Worstall bangs on about with regularity: gender inequality in the workplace is actually a motherhood issue. A new survey claims the … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Activists Released

I’m a bit late to this, having been preoccupied with other things, but the Greenpeace activists being held in Russia were freed between Christmas and New Year. This went down roughly as I’d expected – some rough treatment dealt out … Continue reading

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Macondo Compensation Funds Defrauded

Of course, nobody could have seen this coming: BP has sued a plaintiff’s lawyer active in the compensation process for the 2010 Macondo disaster, alleging that a $2.3 billion agreement aimed at helping seafood hands affected by the oil spill … Continue reading

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Told ya!

What was I saying a couple of months back about the Greenpeace activists being held in Russia? I doubt the Russians will inflict serious jail time on any of those being held.  My prediction is they will be subject to … Continue reading

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More on the Greenpeace Saga

So far, things seem to be playing out more or less as I expected: Russia has dropped charges of piracy against 30 detained Greenpeace activists connected to a protest against Arctic drilling and replaced it with a lesser charge of … Continue reading

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Only in Norway

From Upstream Online: Norway’s departed oil minister Ola Borten Moe may have been deprived of his portfolio after recent elections but apparently is still looking to milk the state cow even as the part-time farmer seeks fresh pastures. After being … Continue reading

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How Not to Advertise a Job

This is a good example of a crap job description: Purpose/Role To manage, develop and support the project activities in a safe, structured and cost efficient manner. Accountable for the delivery of services from personnel across the projects ensuring high … Continue reading

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