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France: different from Germany

One of the things which is most infuriating about living in France, and dealing with the French, is the propensity for things which you thought were agreed – either implicitly or formally – to be changed on a whim.  During … Continue reading

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Pollution in Paris and the French Working Hours

Apparently there have been record levels of pollution in Paris over the past three days, something I completely failed to notice.  The government has responded by issuing a ban on Monday for any vehicle with an even-numbered license plate, in … Continue reading

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Wrong Approach

From Upstream Online: The European Union has drawn up a list of between 120 and 130 Russians who could be hit with travel bans and asset freezes under potential sanctions over Moscow’s actions in the Ukraine crisis, reports have said. … Continue reading

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Two Months in France

I have now been living in France for 2 months, and things have started to settle down. Most importantly I’ve gotten out of the crappy “apart-hotel” which they stuck me in for the first 6 weeks or so.  I suppose … Continue reading

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Grumpy Tim

There is an unfortunate side-effect to living in countries with an abundance of people hassling you on the street: you become very spiky and rude to people who come up and try to talk to you, for whatever reason.  In … Continue reading

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Two Weeks with Two Families in France

I am still down in Pau, or thereabouts, studying French and am making considerable progress (says I) and reasonable progress (says my teacher).  I am into the second week of the course and now staying with the second family: even … Continue reading

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Learning French the Easy Way

I’ve now been living in France for 2 weeks, having left Melbourne for a new assignment in Paris.  So far things have been going well.  I spent a week in Paris getting to know my new colleagues and sorting out … Continue reading

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I’m all right, Jacques!

Theodore Dalrymple (h/t David Thompson) has written an interesting account of an incident in Paris which the police did not attend, and an incident in which they did.  Those who have been following the somewhat selective approach of the British … Continue reading

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On Unreasonable Expectations

There is a reoccurring theme which you come across in expat life whereby one is expected to refrain from saying anything negative about the country you’re living in.  It is worth looking at this in more detail. It strikes me … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

From French President Nicolas Sarkozy: Mr Sarkozy said that the question of an early French [military] withdrawal from Afghanistan would arise if security conditions were not re-established.

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