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The BBC: Inventing new oil companies since 2014.

I knew that this BBC article would be bollocks as soon as I saw the headline: Halliburton reports $622m profits. The first thing you see is this picture: With the caption: “Halliburton was one of the contractors involved in the BP Gulf … Continue reading

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Macondo Compensation Funds Defrauded

Of course, nobody could have seen this coming: BP has sued a plaintiff’s lawyer active in the compensation process for the 2010 Macondo disaster, alleging that a $2.3 billion agreement aimed at helping seafood hands affected by the oil spill … Continue reading

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If only I’d been in charge!

We’ve all been in these meetings.  As a serious technical problem rears its head, somebody who has been involved all along pipes up with “I told you we should have done it like this!”.  And then when a solution has … Continue reading

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BP Men Facing Manslaughter Charges

A quick note before we begin: my comments here relate to the oil and gas industry in general, and are based on my personal experience and conversations with other people.  They do not reflect any particular country or company, least … Continue reading

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Macondo: In Praise of BP’s Response

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour disagreed with a report by US House Republicans that said letting BP lead recovery efforts for the Macondo spill was “outright offensive” to … Continue reading

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More Neck than a Giraffe

Little wonder oil companies can appear aloof to the concerns of citizens when presented with rubbish like this: An investigation by a US civil rights group into the effects of the Macondo oil spill has found increased levels of mental … Continue reading

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Dudley Should Go

BP have their AGM today. As Upstream Online reports: One BP shareholder questioned whether [CEO Robert] Dudley was the right man to lead the company through its current travails in Russia, claiming he was “tarnished by the TNK-BP involvement” and … Continue reading

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Pull The Other One

This is also amusing: BP chief executive Robert Dudley has reportedly suggested safety lessons learned from the Macondo spill in the Gulf of Mexico may strengthen the company’s hand in securing further oil deals around the world. … “In an … Continue reading

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The BP-Rosneft Exploration Pact

There is much chattering going on in the oil and gas press regarding the BP-Rosneft exploration deal, announced last week, which will see BP take a 9% stake in Rosneft and Rosneft a 5% stake in BP.  This initially took … Continue reading

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Finally, some cool heads

From Upstream Online: A gas leak on US supermajor Chevron’s Alba platform in the North Sea yesterday is under investigation. Personnel on board the platform, 130 miles north east of Aberdeen, were called to muster yesterday afternoon around 15.00 GMT, … Continue reading

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