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The Bali Nine Seven

This post is an expansion of a comment I left over at TNA’s gaff, and is on the subject of the recent execution of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the ringleaders of the Bali Nine group who were arrested … Continue reading

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Tickled Pink

When I read stories like this, I can’t help but get the impression that Australia is going to disappear up its own arse before too long: The pink jersey worn by Australian rugby league referees is being scrapped as there … Continue reading

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Should have seen it coming…

When he’s not abusing Sydney’s nouvelles riches ladies of leisure and snapping photos of Sydney’s sartorial disasters, The New Australian is fond of pointing out two things: 1. Like Brits, Australians have bought into the idea that property is a … Continue reading

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Uniquely Australian

There is a sport out there which involves: “[L]ong distance cross-country navigation, involving both route planning and navigation between checkpoints using a variety of map types. … Teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in the time … Continue reading

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Some more on Melbourne

It was with some interest that I read this BBC article on Melbourne, having recently just quit the place: With its grand Victorian architecture, and famous network of 190 lanes, Melbourne is regarded as one of Australia’s big tourist attractions. … Continue reading

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An Observation on Australian Sporting Culture

The other day I caught an interview between one of the presenters of the Australian cricket show and the former Australian bowler Glenn McGrath.  McGrath said something which would have passed unnoticed by most viewers, but for me it spoke … Continue reading

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Point Nepean

I was on my own on Christmas Day, my wife having returned to Thailand in early December after her 3 month visit visa expired.  Not particularly wanting to sit in the apartment on my own like a sad bastard, I … Continue reading

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A Trip to Adelaide

Given I shall soon be leaving Australia and unlikely to return for some time, I decided to do a bit of local tourism, with my first destination being Adelaide.  Other than it being the scene of an unimaginable slaughter a … Continue reading

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Last Month in Australia

At some point in January I will be leaving Melbourne and moving to a new assignment in Paris, where I expect to be for the next 2-3 years.  It was always expected that my assignment to Melbourne would be short-term, … Continue reading

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The Great Ocean Road

Back in summer 2000 when I undertook a trip around the USA, I did two of what are purported to be the best drives in the world: the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and … Continue reading

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