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I flew 12 hours and suddenly I’m interesting.

This weekend an article appeared on the BBC website about property scams in Phuket.  Given I’ve owned an apartment in Phuket for the last 5 years, I was interested to see how these scams worked. British expat Ian Rance and Irishman … Continue reading

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The Coup in Thailand

Everyone, including the UN, appears to be getting their knickers in a twist over this coup in Thailand. Me, I’m not so worried (I have an apartment in Phuket, so I have an interest of sorts).  This is not like … Continue reading

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More Civil Unrest in Thailand

After sustained protests in Bangkok, the Thai Prime Minister has dissolved parliament and is promising fresh elections next year.  The squabbling appears to be much the same as that which occurred in spring 2010, or at least the two groups involved … Continue reading

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More Shite Music Played Loud

A few years back I made this observation: The volume of the music being played by a neighbour is inversely proportional to the quality of the music. I went on to say: I am convinced that those who play music stupidly … Continue reading

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Uneducated Expats

This amused: According to the Deputy Director, the Thailand Ministry of Education is warning all schools who offer Education Visas to foreigners to be legitimate and make sure students adhere to attendance and testing requirements. At the Pattaya City Expats … Continue reading

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Posting has been non-existent because I am currently in Thailand on holiday.  After almost 3 months in Nigeria, Phuket never looked so clean, inviting, and friendly.  I’m way too busy enjoying myself to be blogging. Remember this post?  All is … Continue reading

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Goodbye Thailand, for now

Visitors to Thailand, especially those going to one of the resorts, are advised to learn a foreign language before going. Not something common like French, German, or Spanish and not one of the north European languages with so few native … Continue reading

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A Civil War in Thailand?

My wife has just returned from a trip into the Thai countryside which involved a two-night stop-over in Bangkok.  She reported that there are soldiers everywhere, almost as if martial law has been imposed, and areas of the city are … Continue reading

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