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Monica’s Ghost

Some jokes never get old: ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson led the charge of oilmen on Forbes magazine’s latest list of the most powerful people in the world. … Former US president Bill Clinton almost outdid wife Hillary, but at number … Continue reading

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More on American Gun Control

In the summer of 2000 I found myself sat at the counter of a small bar somewhere on the coast of Virginia, USA.  The barman, a man in his 40s with long hair and a beard, was friendly enough and … Continue reading

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The Gay Marriage Decision: Right Outcome, Wrong Reasons

I’ll start this post by saying I am satisfied at the outcome of the US Supreme Court’s decision that gay marriages shall be recognised across the whole nation.  I’m a believer in equality and liberty and see no reason why … Continue reading

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Obama: wrong as usual

The BBC reports on Barack Obama’s reaction to the appalling church shooting in Charleston with the following title: Charleston church shooting: Obama’s ‘hopeless’ push for gun control Why might it be hopeless?  Well, let’s look at what Obama said: “At … Continue reading

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Incentives matter, so best not ignore them.

A story was doing the rounds last week that was drawing praise and admiration from various quarters: The idea began percolating, said Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, after he read an article on happiness. It showed that, for … Continue reading

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Fools and their Futile Appeals

In all the books I have read about Stalin and the Great Terror (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4), there is a discussion on the reaction of middle and upper echelon Communists when they are first arrested by the NKVD.  Consistently, … Continue reading

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More Neck than a Giraffe

Little wonder oil companies can appear aloof to the concerns of citizens when presented with rubbish like this: An investigation by a US civil rights group into the effects of the Macondo oil spill has found increased levels of mental … Continue reading

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A Reason Why Russians Hate President Bush

Do Russians hate Americans?  It’s a good question, one that I can’t answer, and I expect nor can anyone else.  Verbally, they certainly dislike America and, like the denizens of the Middle East, register their displeasure by grabbing any opportunity … Continue reading

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The Ignorance of Americans

The Israeli assualt on Lebanon has not gone unnoticed by the denizens of the UAE Community Blog, and there have been several threads discussing the conflict.  I use that term loosely, and I don’t recommend my readers click through on the … Continue reading

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