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Monoglot Britain

Sometimes I love The Economist: The advantages of being able to speak more than one tongue are so obvious that they scarcely need spelling out. Despite globalisation, not everyone everywhere yet speaks English, so fluency in a second language would … Continue reading

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The Economist and Me

I have been a subscriber to The Economist for about 5 years now, and when I first started reading it I was impressed by its strong and principled editorial line and well researched articles.  Sadly, although its articles are still … Continue reading

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Clique-ty Clique

Bill Emmott became editor of The Economist in 1993, and on March 31st this year retired from the post. Bill Emmott was a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford and will be replaced by John Micklethwait, who also went to Magdalen College, … Continue reading

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