Dear Marriott

Dear Marriott Hotel, Doha, Qatar,

Please be informed that, as a guest who has travelled far and wide and stayed in an enormous range of hotels, I find your internet charge of QR2 per minute to be extortionate. I understand that there is a maximum charge of QR100 per 24 hours, but this is still extortionate. In light of the QR895 room charge, which will inexplicably increase by 40% to QR1250 as of 15th February, plus the 17% Tax and Service Charge which will be added on, I can be forgiven for thinking that I am not exactly getting a bargain room rate against which I can offset the astronomical internet charge.

If you are trying to be seen as a modern, business friendly hotel instead of one who is enjoying a current shortage of hotel accomodation in Qatar and ripping off your customers accordingly, then you need to have a word with your marketing manager. Otherwise, please be informed that as soon as alternative accomodation becomes available in Doha, I will not hesitate to take it.

Yours Faithfully,

Tim Newman