Ah well, at least he tried!

You’ve got to feel for old Adam Piggott here. He starts off trying to put in place a half-sensible comments policy to eliminate the headcases:

It’s been a pretty massive week on the blog for which I thank all of my readers and commenters, linkers and disseminaters. Something which has started to increase over the last few weeks is an increase in the number of spammers as well as a general change of their tactics.

So here are the rules of the blog as regards to Jews. Feel free to criticize any Jew on their actions and their words just like we would criticize anyone else. Likewise, feel free to criticize Israel on its actions and policies, just like we would criticize any other nation.

But no inferring. No stooping to nebulous half claims of Jewish conspiracy. No attributing actions to the fact that someone is a Jew. And (((this sort of thing))) will get you banned.

And then within a few minutes he gets stuff like this:

Wow you really believe their were death camps?
That means you are super stupid. Your blog is off my list of things worth reading.

And this:

There’s really no difference between cucking to “aborigines,” negroes, hispanics, muslims or jews. It doesn’t make one enlightened to see the problems with some of the groups and pretend there aren’t any with the third. It just makes you a cuck.

And this:

You seem to be speaking with authority on this, so please could you name the death camps. We know there were none in Germany, and if you say Auschwitz I will show you a video of the head curator there admitting to a Jewish documentary maker that there were no mass gassings in the place. If you say Treblinka, i will link to a documentary which sought to prove gassings there but failed utterly. Zyklon B doesn´t even kill humans in the manner they claim (it is harmless in pellet form)

Basically, what happened was that the Allies were understandably eager to show the world that the sacrifice of blood and treasure during WWII was worth it, so they were only too pleased to when the footage of the dead inmates turned up. But rather than explain they had died from disease, etc, they perverted the message to blame the deaths on a deliberate policy of genocide.

This is one reason why I don’t associate with the alt-right, nor read many of their blogs: within three comments you’re neck-deep in a discussion on “the Jews” and whether the Holocaust really happened. Fortunately, he also got plenty of comments like this:

Adam, thank you for taking a public stand on (((this))). The absolute worst thing about the alt-right blogs is the retarded anti-Semitism that is used to justify just about everything under the sun and the way that most hosts either turn a blind eye or encourage it in their comments section. The comments of otherwise useful blogs are so full of fucking garbage that goes from a jewish guy doing something wrong to ((( ))) being the sole focus of the next 50 comments. You’ve lit a beacon of common sense above your door.

Adam’s experience only goes to show how deep the problem runs. Good on him for trying to stamp it out, but I fear it may be an uphill struggle.


More Decorating

Thanks everyone for the feedback on my logo and site design.

As you can see, I’ve dicked with the header again, changing the photo to a sand dune in an actual desert and swapping the font of the tagline. I’ve also removed the background photo and replaced it with a plain greenish-grey colour.

Unless enough people tell me this looks absolutely bloody awful and they’ll stop reading I’ll probably stick with this for now, but suggestions and comments are always welcome.



Keen-eyed observers might have spotted I’ve changed my header a bit, and added this emblem to my comments:

For no particular reason I decided to attach a logo to the Desert Sun “brand”, which I intend to use for publishing my book and any other commercial activity I may do in future. To that end, I contacted an independent graphic designer who wanted between £3,500 and £6,000 to design me a logo. Nice money if you can get it but I wasn’t going to pay that, so instead I went here and found this guy, who is Turkish. I asked him to draw me a logo around the theme of “desert sun” and put the words beside it, and he came back with 4 suggestions. A few iterations later I settled on this:

The total cost was $150, and the whole process took about 3 days. I got high definition files plus other information associated with it, e.g. the font type. I modified it to create the White Sun of the Desert title that is now in my blog header.

I’m not entirely sure I need a logo, but it’s fun to have. I hope you like it.


Short Break

Sorry folks, I got blindsided by work today and didn’t have time for a post. Trust me, the unions will be hearing about this! I blame Macron and his neo-liberal policies.

Anyway, I’m off to Rome tomorrow for a weekend break, so won’t be posting anything until Sunday evening or Monday. Sorry ’bout that.


Two Quotes

Two quotes, totally unrelated.

The first from Streetwise Professor on Emmanuel Macron, with which I agree and wish I’d written myself:

I must confess that I may have misjudged M. Macron. I pegged him as a cipher whom Merkel would dominate. But if anything, Macron is proving to lean more towards Napoleonic ambitions, labeling himself “Jupiter” who aims to overawe the petty squabbling political nation.

Macron left some angered, and others nonplused, by his bonhomie with Trump during the president’s visit to France on Bastille Day. This actually makes perfect sense, and is the best demonstration of his intent to be his own man, rather than a Merkel flunky. As Empress Angela’s pretensions continue to swell, Macron knows that he needs a counterweight. He further knows that Merkel disdains Trump, and Trump don’t think much of her either. So the clever thing to do is to build a relationship to Trump. It signals independence. It will aggravate Angela. And it will provide Macron with some muscle in his dealings with Germany, and with the EU.

The second is from the comments at ZMan’s concerning one of Barack Obama’s attempts at appearing cool. I quote this simply because I found it amusing:

My favorite “Race to the bottom” moment with Obama was when he invited a bunch of rappers to the White House for the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which was designed to help keep young black men free from entanglement with the criminal justice system. Obama was giving a speech, when the ankle bracelet of one of the rappers present started beeping. Rick Ross (the rapper in question) had been charged with kidnapping earlier in the year.



Holidays and Sport

Tomorrow I’m off to visit some friends in Baden-Baden until Friday, so no blogging next week I’m afraid.

I was going to write a post on the Lions v New Zealand, but what’s there to say? The Lions played well but didn’t take two golden chances when they ran right up to the line, which you can’t afford to do against the All Blacks. The pack played well but so did that of the Kiwis, cancelling each other out. There was little penetration by the Lions for whole periods of the game, but the breaks by Liam Williams and Jonathan Davies were very good indeed and justified their selection. Nobody played badly for the Lions, in fact everyone played well, only the Kiwis played better.

It’s hard to know what to do for the second test. Perhaps play Itoje instead of Kruis? As I said, nobody played badly. The worrying thing is the All Blacks generally put in their weakest performance in the first test and get progressively stronger thereafter. Gulp.



I’m in London until Monday, so posting might be light or non-existent. No particular reason for me visiting other than it’s been a while and it would be nice to see some folk. I’ll be meeting some of the Samizdata lot on Saturday evening, which promises to induce a ferocious hangover on Sunday.

Highlight of my journey was feeding my outdated fiver into the change machine in the cross-channel ferry and getting coins in return. That’s saved me a trip to the Bank of England, having missed the cut-off date by a week or two.



For reasons of which I am not entirely sure, but somewhat related to the fact I’ll shortly have a book to market, I have started a Twitter account. For anyone who is interested, I can be found here.