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There Was Once a Road Through the Woods

Perry de Havilland at Samizdata has linked to a piece in the Christian Post written by somebody apologising for being an ardent defender of Islam in recent times, somebody who now feels the critics of Islam were right all along.  … Continue reading

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Fools and their Futile Appeals

In all the books I have read about Stalin and the Great Terror (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4), there is a discussion on the reaction of middle and upper echelon Communists when they are first arrested by the NKVD.  Consistently, … Continue reading

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USSR in 100 Photos

My wife sent me a link to this webpage, which contains 100 photos from the Soviet Union, many of which speak volumes about the life and times in the USSR. Funnily enough, in many ways life in the USSR didn’t look much … Continue reading

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What’s Left of the Pioneers at Vostok Camp

Today I had occasion, not for the first time, to go to the childrens’ summer camp just south of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk called Vostok (East) camp.  In the winter, the place is used by companies as accommodation for some of the thousands … Continue reading

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Да здравствует Первое Мая!

(Long Live the First of May!) Sing along, Comrades! Утро красит нежным светом Стены древнего Кремля,     Просыпается с рассветом Вся Советская земля.      Холодок бежит за ворот, Шум на улицах сильней. С добрым утром, милый город, Сердце Родины моей! Припев:      Кипучая, … Continue reading

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Chernobyl and Nuclear Power

Normally I agree with Sean Guillory when he writes about Russian and ex-Soviet affairs, but I must take issue with the penultimate paragraph of his latest post: In addition, what is more disconcerting is that the lesson of Chernobyl and the dangers … Continue reading

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… at least they had plenty of kompot.

There is a good discussion currently going on at Harry’s Place in the comments section of a post looking for the best conclusion of this phrase: No one will deny that crimes were committed under Communism. But… In an effort … Continue reading

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Ex-Soviets in Dubai

This article on people from the former Soviet Union in Dubai appeared in the Gulf News over the weekend: [D]espite their increasing success in a variety of diverse professions, … many Russian speakers still suffer from a negative stereotype in … Continue reading

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Hey Comrade!

Don’t you just love Soviet propaganda posters? Hey Comrade! Join our collective farm! (Courtesy of

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Взвейтесь кострами

Having spent the last week or so in the company of two people from St. Petersburg who are old enough to have been Pioneers, I am now familiar with one or two songs of Soviet youth. Sing along, Comrades! Взвейтесь … Continue reading

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