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Visiting Russia just got Harder

I missed this, but late last year Russia introduced compulsory fingerprinting for all foreign visitors: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has ordered fingerprinting of foreigners as part of the processing of visas to enter the country. … The decree, signed by … Continue reading

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Ah, so it was all bullshit?

This is long overdue: The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) says electronic devices such as mobile phones can be left switched on during flights. EASA says that electronic devices do not pose a safety risk. The restriction on using mobile … Continue reading

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A Trip to Barcelona

I haven’t been posting much on here of late, for the simple reason that I have been enjoying myself in the real world too much.  The month of May saw no less than 3 public holidays falling on a Thursday, … Continue reading

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Point Nepean

I was on my own on Christmas Day, my wife having returned to Thailand in early December after her 3 month visit visa expired.  Not particularly wanting to sit in the apartment on my own like a sad bastard, I … Continue reading

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A Trip to Adelaide

Given I shall soon be leaving Australia and unlikely to return for some time, I decided to do a bit of local tourism, with my first destination being Adelaide.  Other than it being the scene of an unimaginable slaughter a … Continue reading

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Last Month in Australia

At some point in January I will be leaving Melbourne and moving to a new assignment in Paris, where I expect to be for the next 2-3 years.  It was always expected that my assignment to Melbourne would be short-term, … Continue reading

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The Great Ocean Road

Back in summer 2000 when I undertook a trip around the USA, I did two of what are purported to be the best drives in the world: the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday was the day of the famous Melbourne Cup horse race.  I have been to horse races before, notably twice to the Dubai World Cup and once to Chester races in the UK.  If I could sum up the … Continue reading

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A Decade in Exile

On June 12th 2003 I was sent on my first overseas business trip to Oman, via the United Arab Emirates, and never really came back.  I consider myself to have emigrated on this date, even if the practical arrangements were … Continue reading

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A Move to Melbourne

I’m currently sitting in Melbourne, Australia where I am spending 3 weeks in the offices of a large engineering company who are carrying out works for us in relation to a major project in Nigeria.  After the 3 weeks I’ll … Continue reading

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