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A Fascinating Tale of Revenge

For no other reason than sheer coincidence, during my last week in Sakhalin I happened to watch three films all sharing a common theme:  Defiance, Inglorious Basterds, and The Reader. The common theme is, of course, the Nazi persecution of … Continue reading

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Human Shields Exposed, Rights Violated

I’ve written before about the bizarre situations which pass for reality in Middle Eastern affairs which concern Israel.  An article from the BBC does little to dispel my view that visitors to the region must be forced to abandon all logic … Continue reading

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An Emirati’s Thoughts

In contrast to the usual mountains of fuckwittery being spouted on the UAE blogs regarding the current Israel-Lebanon conflict, Emirati at An Emirati’s Thoughts has come up with a sensible suggestion of what Israel’s response should have been to the kidnapping of … Continue reading

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Modern Battlefield Protocol: Stay, Observe, Die

This battle that is raging in Lebanon is at times taking on the appearance of a parody of warfare.  Take for example the bombing of the UN outpost, as reported by the BBC: UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops … Continue reading

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Russia to fund Hamas

Well done, Russia!  Oh, how very well done. Russia has said it will grant the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority urgent financial aid, in opposition to the policy of the EU and the US. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the pledge to … Continue reading

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Business as usual

Meanwhile, further down the page of the Gulf News, it is back to normal.  Here is their take on the Jericho prison siege: The barbaric offensive by Israel on the Jericho prison, literally under the noses of the two Western great … Continue reading

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Gloria on Gaza

A great post by Gloria Salt on the non-reaction of the sections of the West to the recent violence in the Gaza Strip: But what about the rest of the world? All those activists on campuses in Britain, for example. … Continue reading

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