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Atyrau Again

I’m back in Atyrau, my noisy old propellor plane having stayed up in the air just long enough to get us across the Caspian safely.  I’m staying in the same crap hotel which I was in a few days ago, … Continue reading

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From Sakhalin to Atryau

I’m now in Baku, sitting on the tenth floor of a rather nice hotel overlooking the Caspian Sea.  I’ll write about my journey from Sakhalin to Atyrau in this post, and about Baku in the next. My flight from Sakhalin … Continue reading

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Kazakh Arabia?

Once again the authors at Harry’s Place wander into matters Central Asian and quickly get lost, this time in the steppes of Kazakhstan: [F]or those of us whose knowledge of Kazakhstan is gleaned entirely from Borat’s new film: Cultural Learnings of … Continue reading

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Commemorative Kazakh Stamp

Courtesy of Wikipedia, a Kazakh stamp dedicated to the biathlon.  Judging by the date it was issued for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer Nagano.

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Outsiders further shut out of FSU

The signs are not looking good for foreign companies wishing to play a role in the oil and gas industry of the former Soviet Union. Firstly, the government of Kazakhstan has stepped in with a hastily written law in order … Continue reading

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