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A Night in Eindhoven

Last weekend I found myself in Eindhoven, where I will be for the next two weeks on a business trip, or what the French call “a mission”.  “On a mission” adequately describes my behaviour on the night flight out of … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Strength

Last week’s Economist carried a lengthy briefing on the troubles of Toyota, one of which is identified as a drop in quality and reliability as they pursued headlong growth at all costs.  Apparently, several polls and reviews in the US … Continue reading

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St. David’s Day

Happy St. David’s Day to all Welshmen.  Sadly, I have been unable to find a daffodil in Dubai, nor a leek which could be attached to my shirt.

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A Forum with a Difference

This is a bit sick. On a message board for Honda enthusiasts, a wife of one of the regular contributors starts a thread in February 2002 with the following post: As most of you here may know i am lifsatrip7’s … Continue reading

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