Smarter than Louise Mensch

This is an amusing series of Tweets, from someone I’ve written about before (1, 2 & 3)

“I’m a Russia expert and told everyone not to listen to Mensch’s ravings about Russiagate. But here’s why I think Russiagate is real…”


4 thoughts on “Smarter than Louise Mensch

  1. “there’s literally an e-mail from Trump Jnr responding to what he believed was an offer of compromising info on HRC with enthusiastic acceptance. Barr’s memo relies on a definition of ‘Trump campaign’ that excludes the president’s son”

    So when the Dems conspire (literally) with foreign agents (Chris Steele) to discover(or more accurately create) dirt on their opponent, thats fine, nothing to see here. Some non-US citizen emails Don Jr and says we’ve got some dirt on Hillary would you like to see it, and he says yes please, thats treason. Right, got it……

  2. What Jim said.

    There literally (as the dems say) are two systems of justice in the States, c.f. Juicy Smellit

  3. The TDS in the US should be visible from LEO by now. As long as the Mississippi but twice as wide & three times as deep

  4. As I twitted in response

    “Collusion also has a dictionary definition. It does not include random meetings with people promising to share the dirt who then don’t follow through”

    I mean this isn’t complicated. Except that apparently some people are incapable of accepting that Trump is legitimately the President of the USA. There’s a joke about a river in Egypt to be made here

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