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I’ve got my fifth and final exam of the week today, so I’ll keep this short. In case anyone is interested they’ve gone well so far, mainly because I’m not dumb enough to fork out for an MBA then flunk the exams because I’m too lazy to study. My observations tell me that if I were 22 and my wealthy family were paying for it this might be the case, but alas it isn’t.

Anyway, here’s a video of presidential hopeful and darling of divorcee Democrats Beto O’Rourke:

He comes across as one of those corporate types you meet who’s waited ten years longer than his peers for his first chance at management, and when it finally arrives he takes his subordinates to the pub and gives them a rousing speech without realising he’s addressing seasoned, middle-aged professionals not teenagers.

In fact, he looks and sounds an awful lot like my ex-boss.


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  1. I endured ten seconds of that clip – shallow platitudes delivered in an oh-so-urgent voice while gesticulating wildly. O’Rourke’s adrift.

  2. I think anybody seen my cortex has more SJW cred than a cuckolded soy boy. This battle of intellectual titans should be amusing though

  3. @ – MB “‘shallow platitudes delivered in an oh-so-urgent voice while gesticulating wildly”

    Aptly put and a perfect description of a piece of work that the new 42yo MD at my firm that I am leaving in three weeks, attempted to do this week. I should run a book on how long he will last.

    We are putting the finishing touches on some marketing publications that I used to pen for the outgoing MD, but in this case we thought it best to give the new MD a crack at it. Oh my God, me, me and me and total management speak waffle that none of our staff, clients our would be investors would bother reading. Uproar prevailed and Bardon came to the rescue in his dying days. This publication is fairly high profile and is the only formal communication where we have our MD review our performance in the public domain, and it is sent to all of our staff, given to current and future clients, plus we are expecting to IPO later this year!

    The MD review is on the first inside page with a large image of a trophy project at the top, so we are talking about a 380 word message on a six page document, the rest of the pages are highlights and achievement over the period with all of our office locations on the back page.

    See this extract of what he attempted to put up, I swear that I only changed the names and the company in his draft, no joke….

    “The end of 2018 also saw some critical management changes. After many years as XXXXX’s Managing Director, Joe Bloggs has moved into an Executive Chairman role allowing him to focus on continuing XXXX’s global expansion, particularly in Canada and North America. As a consequence, John Smith, (the previous Chairman) moved to a Non-Executive Director’s role where he continues to provide valuable strategic advise and guidance. In conjunction with these changes Knob Head has joined the Company as the new Managing Director. Knob has worked with senior management over many years and was……..”

    Bardon extract here:

    “these kind of exceptional results are only made possible because of our valued employees and their passion and commitment to work in our many specialised project teams and operational support roles across our global operations. Behind our success and driving our performance is our talented multicultural team of 1000 employees of 30 different nationalities working across 10 countries, continually converting exciting opportunities, into secured and delivered projects. It is this commitment ….”

    Plus knob head didn’t thank anyone, nobody, not even the Board, so he is that crap he cant even manage up, we already have seen that he cant manage down, it was literary all about him.

    My draft finished with:

    “I would like to thank our employees, our shareholders, our Board and our Clients for your continued support and……….”

    By the way all you grammar Nazis the copy will be checked by the posh pommy bird that sits next to me before it goes anywhere, she is well good at that.

  4. And yet when “the single greatest mechanism in the world” brought forth Trump the unbelievable dishonest Dems ran around denouncing the evil dictator in waiting. Don’t they understand the irony in this?

  5. @ Bardon – thanks and I wonder if the posh pommy bird does more than run the spellcheck on her computer. I wonder whether she will pick up on:
    valuable strategic advise and guidance
    which should read ‘advice’ rather than ‘advise’ of course.

  6. The single greatest mechanism to bring forth the genius of our fellow human beings?

    That would be free market capitalism, right?

    Or am I fired?

  7. – shallow platitudes delivered in an oh-so-urgent voice while gesticulating wildly.

    I wonder if he’s related to Justin Trudope…

  8. Just another political wraith, a puff of wind, a hint of scandal and away into the night he will go, the nuevo commies will eat him alive.

  9. Apparently he used to be a hacker in the 90’s. I guess he thinks this’ll help people not think he’s such a poonce

  10. #Twatter
    2356 people are talking about this
    In a country of 300 million people, obviously remarkable market penetration.

  11. That’s the first time I’ve seen and heard him speak. You gotta be kidding me.

  12. thud nails it. A light weight version of justin trudeau, just a bit of vapor that allows people to project their dreams.

  13. Opinion pieces here:

    Why Beto is a Beta
    The question isn’t if Joe Biden will screw up: it’s when
    Fear and loathing in the lobbies: how the British government whipped against itself – and lost
    The British Parliament’s plot to thwart Brexit is complete
    Tucker Carlson’s show hits #1 spot

  14. Matthew McConnagay on March 16, 2019 at 7:27 am said:
    Apparently he used to be a hacker in the 90’s.

    Well he was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow, which was a sort of hactivist BBS thingy in the 80s and 90s. By the time CDC had created it’s most famous hacking tool – Back Orifice – your man O’Rourke had dropped out. There’s no evidence that he was ever anything more than a phone phreaker and occasional poster of very odd stuff.

    I blogged about it here –

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