Caveat Emptor

Oh dear.  A letter to the editor of 7 Days (only temporarily online):

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority seems about as aloof as it is possible to be when he claims that the roads issue is “none of their business” (the residents that is),and that the matter is effectively closed, but how nice of him to agree to meet with the residents committee!? (Presumably he has nothing better on that evening?) For your information Sir, no the developer who owns the land did not inform the residents.

I am not just writing to whinge about this decision, bizarre and upsetting though I think it is. I am writing because I feel that this kind of modus operandum is seriously damaging the image of Dubai here, and more importantly, abroad.

Dubai is fast gaining a reputation of money grabbing land owners who can and do behave completely without restraint or integrity.

We are sold the dream of home ownwership in Dubai, and despite all the possible checks regarding plans for the area around your home, a six lane highway subsequently gets built outside your front door.

This, if I may put it politely, is not at all surprising.  Whilst my sympathies go out to those who have bought expensive “luxury” properties in Dubai, my sympathy is limited.  Only a fool would part with large sums of money for a property in a country where the laws are as clear as mud and the government can change them on a whim, and carry out any activity it likes, without any consultation with the public.  What’s that old saying?  Let the buyer beware.

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2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor

  1. Tell that to the good people of New London, Connecticut. (Obscure reference to US eminent domain.)

    The UAE and the USA could do with a bit more rule of law. More than likely property in Dubai would sell for even more – that is, rebound to Dubai’s advantage – if buyers knew laws could not be changed “on a whim.”

  2. I quite agree that the way eminent domain is applied in the US is a disgrace. And yes, the properties would sell a lot more easily if people thought property rights were enforced and upheld in the UAE.

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