Pink beats black

The BBC brings news of an interesting play in the great game of victimhood poker:

US comedian and actor Kevin Hart says he has stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars following a controversy over homophobic tweets.

Kevin Hart is a straight black male, and if he’s being fired over homophobic tweets it suggests sexual minorities trump ethnic minorities.

The choice of Hart for host was only announced on Tuesday.

But tweets from a decade ago emerged of apparent anti-gay slurs, sparking calls for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to drop him.

Rummaging through decades-worth of social media postings in the hope of unearthing something to be outraged about seems to have become a popular hobby for some. As far as I can tell, this is the offending tweet (which isn’t a decade old, BTW):

My guess is if he’d made a joke about a gay white man he’d have got away with it, but having denigrated all gays his skin colour wasn’t enough to save him. Not if the lily-white, ultra-woke Oscars committee are the ones making the decision, anyway.

In 2015, by which time his profile had risen significantly, Hart addressed the comments in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I wouldn’t tell that joke today, because when I said it, the times weren’t as sensitive as they are now,” he said.

Too late fella, there’s no unringing that bell. What’s amusing is, generally speaking, the only people interested in LGBTQ rights are white people living in the developed world. I’m not sure American blacks were ever on board with homosexuality, hence their rap lyrics and Obama disavowing gay marriage until his second term in order not to upset black, church-going conservatives, yet progressives always seem surprised to discover this. And are Asians, and those people wandering over the border from Mexico, strong proponents of gay rights? Those Somalis in Minnesota? I doubt it.

So the organisers of the Oscars have signalled their non-racist credentials by hiring a black guy to host them, only to find he uttered 2018 wrongthink in 2011. They consulted with Twitter and found, under the ever-shifting rules of victimhood poker, his hand lost and he has to go. As contemporary culture becomes increasingly dominated by conflicting and overlapping tribes of lunatics each seeking to be more oppressed than the other, we’re going to see more of this. I confess, as a spectator sport it’s quite entertaining.


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  1. Well, except the famously gay Milo got banned from twitter for being rude to a black person. One-all.

  2. Yeah, this is old news. ‘Member Tracy Morgan? His gay controversy was in 2011, funnily enough.

    I think it might be the case that there aren’t consistent rules to victimhood poker – well, duh, Matthew, that’s the point – I mean, that there are contexts to consider.

    In the entertainment business? Gay trumps black, and has done for many years.

    In politics? I think it probably depends on the electorate. (It’ll be interesting to see how Kamala Harris triangulates on this issue when she tries to go national.)

  3. Pink beats Black

    Today. Tomorrow, it’ll be different. It’s no use for controlling people and imposing your will upon them if there’s a consistent, cohesive set of rules.

  4. “Today. Tomorrow, it’ll be different. It’s no use for controlling people and imposing your will upon them if there’s a consistent, cohesive set of rules.”

    Exactly. If it was a gay man who had been rude about some black people, then he’d be out on his ear too. The Left are ALWAYS about power, the method doesn’t have to be logically consistent, or moral, just effective to give them power over others.

  5. If it wasn’t for having little kids I’d laugh my way through all these issues you bring up Tim but I have to constantly worry about charting the right path for them. One is being ‘educated’ about Islam in our village school at the moment and so each day we review the lesson and I talk to her about the actual realities, luckily she is a smart little girl and trusts her Dad more than the teachers, I expect much more of this (my 11 year old eldest is firmly sceptical of agw).

  6. I live near London’s gay ground zero (there are more gay pubs and clubs than straight ones) and that’s not my observation.
    In the past the gaydar was pretty primitive, hence the flamboyance and exaggerated femininity.
    You still see folk queueing for the clubs in the leather gear, but it’s all a bit ironic, one feels. (Dare I say, camp?)
    The rest of the time they are indistinguishable from the straights. (Every hipster round here has a beard.)
    I think this is a happy modus vivendi, and so, it seems, do they.
    I’ll lay odds that the most strident Social Warriors turn out not to be transgender lesbians at all.

  7. Don’t worry, Thud. They’re coming up to the age where they are far more influenced by their peers than by the teachers or parents. ‘Twas ever thus.

  8. Should have claimed he was a Muslim. Then he’d be OK with being anti every other victim group. Though it has to be said the number of Muslim comics can be counted on the stumps of one hand after a visit to chop-chop square so he might not have got the gig in the first place

  9. It’s hard to find blacks who aren’t anti-gay or anti-Jew. Jesse Jackson Sr. is/was typical.

  10. The Oscars people must be panicking about an ever-diminishing list of acceptable hosts. No wonder Laurie Penny has moved to America.

  11. I wonder how she got a Green Card, or is it a limited visa? It’s not as if there is a dearth of individuals peddling her style of ‘journalism’ over there.

  12. If nothing else, it proves what I’ve long thought. You have to be a stupid cvnt of the first water to post your thoughts on Twatter. And seeing how many of the famous & do, there must be some enormously stupid cvnts in positions of influence & power. Which goes a long way towards explaining the modern world.
    It’s, after all, the equivalent to getting up on a soap box & yelling at a crowd of strangers. Politicians & god-botherers we expect it of. Otherwise, ( although the word is not obligatory here) it’s an indication of the mentally deranged. It is surely possible there will consequences & those are just as likely to be bad as good. So why do it? No one’s particularly interested anyway. Unless you come out with something particularly cvntish.

  13. Eric Weinstein on Twitter:

    “In the future, everyone will be scheduled to host the Oscars.

    For 15 minutes.”

  14. The old joke about the left “saving the gay black whales” is getting less funny by the minute. Unless you have every box ticked (from birth) you’re screwed.

    I like the victimhood poker idea. Call! No, your hand isn’t worth what you thought it was, the guy/girl over there has been bluffing you for ten years and now you’re trumped.

  15. the ever-shifting rules of victimhood poker

    There is a wonderfully prescient take on this in Robert Asprin’s Myth series of comedic fantasy novellas: Dragon Poker. What hand beats which is dependent on a bewildering array of rules including what hands have already been played, what the hole cards are, what day of the week/phase of the moon it is, whether the bathtub in the house faces north-south or east-west, etc. I think of it every time I see something like this.

    If it helps any, the problem you’re having is assuming that there are rules, mutable or not. There aren’t. This isn’t about principles, it’s about scalphunting powerful, famous or competent people. It’s naked, hate-filled, crabs-in-the-bucket envy. Some scientist landed a spacecraft on a comet, demonstrating that he’s much smarter than us? Ruin his career over a shirt. Somebody’s making a lot of money on Patreon by publicly making fun of people like me? Get him deplatformed. Some black guy gets to host the Oscars by being more popular and famous than I’ll ever be? Dig up a ten-year-old joke and get him fired.

    It’s not about rules. It’s about bringing everyone down into the same miserable, incompetent, dysfunctional gutter as the SJWs so they don’t have to feel so bad about the mess they’ve made of their lives.

  16. @Bloke in North Dorset on Dec 7, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    Re: Oscars

    Paul Gambaccini’s radio programme was interesting: if “star” speaking considered done, mike turned off and event moves on.

    Shame Whitehouse didn’t do that to grandstanding Accosta.

  17. Good vlog from Tommy R on Brexit Betrayal Rally on Sunday 9 Dec, London

    Has a a dig at Nigel, emphasises No thugs welcome, emphasises this is about Brexit – nothing else.

    Brexit Means Exit – blow the bloody doors off and escape.

  18. I worked it out a while ago. It is ALL about virtue signalling. It doesn’t matter if he’s black, yellow or sky blue pink with tartan spots (unless he’s white, of course). If you can point out his wrongthink, then it’s Brownie points for you. The rules are that simple.

  19. Outrage Archeology; digging through a decade’s worth of social media posts for one which was acceptable at the time but isn’t today.

    It’s worse than that – what was dogma, and the only acceptable opinion in the late-90’s, can be beyond the pale today.

    My Mrs was at a US liberal arts college in the late 90’s / early 00’s when the dogma was that the mere suggestion of gay marriage was offensive, since no self-respecting “queer” (as was the woke terminology of the era) would submit themselves to such an oppressive, heteronormative institution.

    Until gay marriage became a whip with which traditionalists could be whipped, at which point the turn was “U”‘d…

  20. All this victimization game is, of course, only an ever-changing charade whose ultimate meaning is the power of the progressive, ruling class. This is the reason why, when the equilibrium changes, the victim ranking also changes accordingly: black males, in particular, are a weak link in the chain. What’s astonishing is the rapid disappearing of standards of coherence: one can scream against Kavanaugh “believe all women” as if possessed by the sacred god of righteous indignation, while at the same being completely indifferent to Keith Ellison. The examples of this tribalism are infinite.

  21. May’s latest idea:

    If EU permits: Three months before end of “Implementation/Transition Period” aka Stay in EU with no representation, MPs can vote for a six month extension to prevent Backstop. This can be repeated every six months.

    Wondrous idea, vote to stay in EU to prevent deal in which UK stays in EU.

    Taxpayers are paying May & her spads for this nursery school proposal.

    May lights Christmas Tree and scared children sing “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, but none come to May’s salvation.

    More apt would have been “In The Bleak Midwinter”

    Brexit Betrayal March
    Please join us this Sunday 9th December at the Dorchester Hotel @ 11.45am, Post Code: W1K 1QA

  22. Remember this: if you can’t understand an offer, it’s probably not a good offer.

    Want to scare Children, Santa and Christmas?

    Display this Poster

  23. The Rules didn’t change.

    The Academy Awards people just completely punted on their vetting of the guy before they named him.

    He was rather virulently anti-gay for a decade, and got called on it back in 2012 or so. Seeing which way the wind was blowing, he abjectly apologized way back then, and stopped the tweets and jokes and routines.

    But no one should claim to be surprised this happened. Ten minutes on Google should have clued in the AA people that he was not going to be a good choice. He dissed gays for ten years, nastily. Guess who runs Hollywood now?

  24. Guess who runs Hollywood now?

    The voices in my head that I ignore insist that it’s still whatever metaphor your circle find socially acceptable for “the Jewz”.

  25. “The voices in my head that I ignore insist that it’s still whatever metaphor your circle find socially acceptable for “the Jewz”.”

    Not a very good reader, are you?

  26. @bobby b on Dec 9, 2018 at 8:46 am

    “Guess who”?

    Same as in 1930, 1960 except they’re now “out of the closet” – Gays, SJWs & Lefties.

    How I laughed when I read:

    Patrick Stewart criticised the lack of affordable homes on the proposed site at Enstone Airfield, calling it ‘elitist’

    After plans for museum were resubmitted, Mr Mullin said this week: ‘This will provide significant cash for affordable housing, traffic calming, community buses and a much-needed school car park in Great Tew.’

    Excellent troll Mr Mullin. Patrick Stewart et al over to you.

    If only May deployed similar tactics on EU.

  27. If it helps any, the problem you’re having is assuming that there are rules, mutable or not. There aren’t.

    If that were true we’d not be able to work out who sits atop the victimhood hierarchy, and that is abundantly obvious. I concede that lower down the rules are more fluid and opaque and the set might not be complete, but there are rules in place.

  28. @Tim Newman on December 10, 2018 at 11:12 am

    There may be an Left, SJW & MSM victim hierarchy, but like sex it’s fluid and changes weekly.

    Windrush are way up last week and this, Caravan and Gaza fallen to bottom.

    DM pushing sex discrimination against Males.

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